Thursday, August 2, 2007

Waiting for the Phone to Ring!

As long as the scheduled C-section went as planned, at 9:45, I've got a new niece or nephew. The suspense is KILLING me (not really, but I'm soooooo impatient to hear). I'm just emailed hubs at work, asking him to call his dad, to hear if they know. It's my hubs' sister, who is having the baby. The baby whose sex remains a mystery. The baby who we found out about at Christmas, when grandma opened a present that asked whether there would be room for one more kid next Christmas. The baby who we've watched in her blossoming belly for 8 months.

Oh, I just can't handle it! I want to go to the hospital now, now, now! But I want to wait, so I can go with loads of gifts. Gifts that are either girl gifts or boy gifts. So that means waiting, waiting, waiting. I doubt that she's even out of the o.r. yet, but I want to know!

I just hold on to the fact that in a few short hours, I'm going to be cuddling a sweet, sweet baby. The joy is overwhelming.

10 minutes later -

BOY!!! BOY!!! BOY!!!!! (Okay, just one boy, but now they have THREE boys. Age 3 years and 11 months, 21 months, and newborn!). 9 lbs. 2 oz. 21 in. No name yet.

Leaving for Babies R Us now, then off to the hospital.

Woo hoo!!!!


Swistle said...

Oh, happy day! That made my eyes get all damp! Write later and say what eetle-weetle things you bought! And the NAME! I want to know ALL THREE boy names! Boy names are SO DIFFICULT, I want to know what other people came up with!

Midwest Beach Girl said...

Funny! I just posted about one of my friends having her first boy! Babies, babies everywhere!! (Except here. Don't go starting any rumors! :)

nikkis30by30 said...

I am sooooo jealous!!!! Still waiting to hear on Jeremy's brother, Josh's, baby's arrival!! Unfortunately, they are in Huntsville Alabama so I will have to send my laods of gifts via mail. Sex is unknown for ours, too. The suspense is KILLING me!!!

Worker Mommy said...

My SIL is pregnant now too..due early next year.

Only she lives in Texas and I live in Seattle. I'm so headed there when the time comes. How could I not ?


Jacqniel said...

How fun! My nephew had his first baby (a boy) last month. He lives in Denver, but plans to be in the area over Labor Day - can't wait!
Give us all the details later!

Michelle said...

congrats on the newest addition to your family! Have fun shopping!