Saturday, August 4, 2007


It is weird, but on the weekend, blogland is such a lonely place. I find that we are often home on the weekends and I have time to be on the computer. Whilst many others must be off frolicking with their families and friends. My Google Reader is much too quiet on the weekends. With the upcoming school year, I think that will be a good time to catch up on all the good posts I've missed all week. The nightly routine is overwhelming, during the school year, and I won't find nearly as much time or energy for blogging, I'm afraid.

My nephew has a name! We went up yesterday morning as a family and were there when his name was finally decided. They changed it from Trent, turns out there's a cousin Trent with the same surname who is less than well-liked in the family and they didn't want to have this new baby associated with that guy. So his name? Trea Allen (pronounced Tray). I've never seen it spelled like that, but it's a fitting name I think. He is so very, very cute! They were down to Theodore and Trea, so I held him and kept saying both. His mama decided he was Trea. So they have Tyler, Trevor, and Trea. Troy is their babydaddy. And a doggy named Tippy. Too terrific!

I think I've found a workout buddy! She works at the same school as me and has joined the same gym that I belong to (and do not go to). We went today and I finished up week 1 of Couch to 5K. It felt okay. I'll never be a great runner, I never was, but it felt good to be doing something. The good thing about doing it at the gym is that there are weights and weight machines so I did some resistance training after we were done. We're planning to go more together and to keep each other going once the school year has started. Yay!

I finished the final Harry Potter book. Wow. I read all 7 books in just under 3 weeks and now I'm not sure what I'll do with myself? Oh yeah, go back to work full time and try to dig out of the messes that have piled up for 3 weeks! It was so totally worth it. Now I can look forward to seeing the rest of the movies (we've watched the first 3). This is the best storyline I have ever read, I'm so glad I did it!

My notes on the last book (possibly containing spoilers, just so you know):
* Loved it.
* I thought the bit about camping and moving around and planning was brilliant in that it cast the dark mood of the time. There was little hope and little excitement, which was what it was like to read it. You start to believe it cannot be done. That they cannot possibly win.
* The battle at the end reminds me of Disney's Beauty & the Beast when the enchanted castle tries to save the beast and battle Gaston and the villagers. The music from the movie kept creeping in my head (the resident 4-year old is on a princess kick lately)
* It seemed like Rowling pooped out a little right at the end, a little like Harry. After all that, he just wants a sandwich? What, huh? I thought there should be some details (because there was so much detail, throughout every novel) about how order was restored and how peoples lives played out in the months that followed. But there was zilch. The last chapter seemed rushed too, but I was grateful that she at least gave us a glimpse.
* The whole series was awesome. I'm grateful that I started it, grateful that I ended it, not so grateful that tomorrow I've got laundry to catch up and floors to scrub. Back to my role as house-elf.


Lainey-Paney said...

congrats on getting back into the gym...

with regard to Harry Potter...I can't finish book 5...i find myself not even liking Harry in this book.

Jacqniel said...

Who is your work out buddy? So cool! It is much easier to keep focused when you have someone urging you on!

Aliki2006 said...

I liked the camping part of the H.P. book but I also found myself not liking Harry much. I can't pinpoint why, exactly.

Michelle said...

It usually is quieter on my bloglines over the weekend too, but this weekend it seemed like more posts than usual and I'm still playing catch up! :)

I've never seen Trea spelled like that either, it's a nice name! Tyler is on our short list of boy names right now :)

Glad you've found a work out buddy!

Beck said...

I'm skipping over the Harry Potter stuff because I'm still waiting for my freaking copy....
It IS quieter on the weekends! Trea is a cute name - the spelling throws me a bit, but the sound is great.
My mom is a teacher and yeah, she was WIPED OUT on weeknights!